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What's New in Driving Laws

Effective January 19, 2003 a new law requires motorists to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing any portion of a roadway crosswalk where a traffic signal is not present or operating.

The state of New York has lowered the BAC for a DWI from 0.10% to 0.08%. DWAI will remain at 0.05%. This legislation was signed by Governor Pataki on December 30, 2002. This new law took effect on July 1, 2003.

Starting September 1, 2003 supervising drivers for any driver on a permit must be 21 years old.

After November 18, 2004 You may have to pay a "Driver Responsibility Assessment" for certain violations. A DWI , DWAI, DWAI by drugs, or refusing a chemical test you will be required to pay $250 assessment each year for three years. For traffic violations resulting in six points in any 18-month period, you will be required to pay $100 each year for the next three years plus $25 per point every year for three years for points in addition to the six points. Failure to pay will result in a suspension.

Beginning March 27, 2005 all children under age 7 must use an appropriate child restraint system, unless they are more than four feet nine inches tall. Go to http://www.nysgtsc.state.ny.us/boost-new.htm for more detail on the New york State child passenger restraint law.

An applicant for a junior permit/license must submit a written consent by the parent or guardian. Upon receipt of withdrawal of such consent the learner's permit/license shall be cancelled.

Road Statistics

Male drivers under 18 have an accident rate of 18% ( Male drivers overall 7%)

Female drivers under 18 have an accident rate of 14% (Female drivers overall 4 1/2%)

In New York 16 &17 year old drivers average more than 70 fatality & 10,000 injury crashes each year.

Nationwide 40% of 16 year old drivers have a crash serious enough to be reported.

How do I sign up for a Road Test?

Call (518) 402-2100 or (518) 486-6639



What is the score I need to pass the test at the 5 hour pre-licensing course?

You are not required to pass the test to obtain a completion certificate. If given, it is used as a learning activity. Can I drive after 9PM on a permit? (upstate only)Page 21 of the New York driver's manual states "You must drive only under the immediate supervision of your (1) Parent (2) Guardian (3) Person "in loco parentis" (4) Driver Education Teacher (5) Driving School Instructor."The person above must be at least 21 and have a license valid for the vehicle being drivien. If you are 18 you may drive with a properly licensed driver 21 or older.

Can I drive after 9 PM with a junior license(under 18 years of age)? (Upstate only)

The driver's manual on page 23 states "You may drive alone only when traveling directly between your home and employment or a school course." All other driving must be accompanied by your licensed parent, guardian, or a person "in loco parentis". Each time you drive you must carry a letter (certificate of employment MV-58a) from your employer or school official with the appropriate information.(upstate only) See page 21 and 23.