Elmira - Horsehead Registration



Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, see schedule, at 4:30 PM. See below for Saturday dates and times at 9:30AM.
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5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course Class Dates & Times.
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Tuesday/Thursday Classes
 August 10, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
 August 24, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
 August 29, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
 October 12, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
 October 24, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
 November 9, 4:30PM-9:30PM 
Saturday Classes
 August 5, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 August 19, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 September 2, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 September 16, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 October 7, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 October 21, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 November 4, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 November 18, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 December 2, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 December 16, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
 December 30, 9:30AM-2:30PM 
Defensive Driving Course

June 17,
August 5,
September 2,
November 4,
December 2,

Cost: $40
Must arrive by 8:45 am

Saturdays Only: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Successful completion by the principal
operator provides a 10% reduction for
3 years on current liability and collision
insurance premiums.
This includes automobiles, trucks,
recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.

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box below


Tuesday/ Thursday classes are 4:30 PM-9:30 PM. Saturday Classes are 9:30 AM-2:30 PM.

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